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Groupworld Live Demos

See below for some example Groupworld conference rooms. Just click on the images to try out the demos. Get a colleague to log into the demo with you to try it out (or contact us to arrange a live demo), or open it up in two browser windows to test by yourself.

If you set up a hosted Groupworld trial you will have access to a control panel allowing you to create and configure your rooms, allowing you to add/remove buttons, change the layout, change the video size, etc.

Web Conferencing Room

Conference room configured using Janus Gateway for multi-party high quality WebRTC video.

Conference room

Play back previously recorded sessions

Math Tutoring Conference Room

Example room with a different layout for online math tutoring: large video window with smaller preview window, with math tools.

Math tutoring conference room

Play back previously recorded sessions

To see a video demonstration of Groupworld:

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