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Groupworld Client System Requirements

To test your system for compatibility, try the Groupworld Setup/Test Wizard.

Operating Systems Supported

The Groupworld HTML5 client should run on any browser that fully supports HTML5 (currently, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari on all devices). Opera should work with all features.

Internet Connection/Bandwidth

In order to use video or desktop sharing, all users require a minimum of 256kbps of both upload and download bandwidth, but for optimal performance we recommend 1024kbps download speed and 512kbps upload if using screen sharing and/or video. Check your bandwidth here.


The new HTML5 Groupworld client uses a Websocket connection through port 443, so there should generally not be any issues with firewalls. The old Groupworld plugin (not currently used) and the native iOS/Android apps open a TCP/IP connection to port 9174 on the server. Most home firewalls (including the built-in Windows firewall) do not block outgoing connections, so you should not normally have any problems. However if you have a restrictive firewall which blocks outbound connections, you may need to open up TCP/IP port 9174 outbound if using either the app or the plugin. Groupworld uses a peer-to-peer WebRTC PeerConnection for audio/video data when there are two users in the room. If this is blocked by the firewall, it tries to use a WebRTC TURN relay, and if that is blocked it falls back to the non-WebRTC audio/video which is transmitted via the Groupworld server.


Any browser which supports HTML5 features will work with Groupworld. However some browsers do not support all HTML5 features.


1Ghz CPU (but 2Ghz with dual-core CPU recommended for optimal performance when using screen sharing), with 512MB RAM.

For audio: users must have a headset if there are more than 2 users in the room, or if WebRTC is not enabled for the room.

Graphics tablets such as Wacom and Huion are supported (if you experience any problems, turn off Windows Ink / TabletPC features as described in the FAQ).

For video: users must have a webcam (including built-in webcams).

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