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Powerful, cost-effective, secure web conferencing software

Product Information

NEW! Groupworld now includes a full-featured HTML5 client, with no plugins or downloads required — works even on Chromebooks!

Groupworld is a secure, customizable, cross-platform web conferencing system which allows you to set up online meeting rooms with advanced whiteboard, voice/video conferencing, desktop sharing and optional session recording.

For just $24.99/month you can set up multiple conference rooms which you can invite other users to. Using the room is simple: just click on a link we provide (you can optionally copy it into your own web page).

See below for further information and links to set up a free one-week trial. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you.

Groupworld is used by many schools, universities and tutoring companies for online tutoring, including We Teach Science and See our customers page for more of our customers.

Product Comparison

10-user Hosted License25-user Hosted LicenseEnterprise License
CostUS$250/year or $24.99/monthUS$499/year or $49.99/monthUS$999 one-time fee
Max Simultaneous Users (you can have unlimited rooms, with this number of users connected across all your rooms at any one time)1025 (higher user licenses also available)25 (higher user licenses also available)
Max Saved Data1GB4GBunlimited
Optional TLS/SSL/AES encryption on all data sent to/from servertickticktick
Import Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Tiff and PDF files to the whiteboard, and copy/paste between Groupworld and external applications such as MS Officetickticktick
Embed Groupworld in your web pages by simply pasting one line of HTML codetickticktick
Full HTML5 client - no plugins requiredtickticktick
Connect to conferences using our free iPad App and Android Tablet Apptickticktick
Username/password authentication: create a list of users who can login to your web conference rooms, with different usernames and passwordstickticktick
Highly reliable, scalable, efficient server software, refined over the last 10 years: supports thousands of users over multiple sessions with little CPU usage, and never crashestickticktick
Create multiple separate web conferencing rooms simply by changing one html parametertickticktick
Works with graphics tablets such as Wacom Bamboo/Intuostickticktick
Fully hosted solution: we host your Groupworld sessions and provide the bandwidth at no extra cost to you. You can optionally put Groupworld into your own web pages simply by pasting in some html codeticktick 
Web conferencing room with video, audio, desktop sharing, text chat, file storage area, polling and advanced whiteboardtickticktick
Record the entire conferencing session for later playbacktickticktick
Optional math tutoring tools: graph plotter, protractor, graph paper, equation editor, rulertickticktick
Advanced whiteboard including freehand/lines/ovals/rectangles/polygons/text/fill/arrows/eraser/crop, multiple pages, pan/zoom, undo/redo, select/move/delete items, export to pdf (HTML5 client only)tickticktick
Self-hosted "enterprise" license option: we provide the entire Groupworld server software for you to run on your own server  tick
Includes full source code for the applets, allowing you to customize them  tick
Optional MySQL database integration  tick
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Free TrialFree TrialContact Us
for a free trial of the enterprise version

We can also provide customisations and fully managed, hosted solutions - see our Customers Page for some examples.

Frequently asked questions

Groupworld is developed by the team behind We have been developing innovative internet collaboration and whiteboard software since 1997. We can also develop customized versions of any of our applications, and we can provide bespoke managed, hosted services. Please contact us for further details.

All of our products can be easily translated into different languages - see our Hebrew and Arabic demos.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

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Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPad and Android tablets

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